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… Being a lecture written and presented by His Lordship, Bishop Abasiakan Otong, General Overseer, Christ Faith Church Inc during Year 2021 Faith Ministers Conference(FAMICON)

There is the greatest enemy of Christians and the faith in or generation.
The painful aspect of the matter is that the enemy is within the church.
Calculatively and thoughtfully, he had taken over the position of leadership.
In most colourful organisations and most at times occupy the leading roles
in the policy making and decisions. Churches with big followership, gathering faithful members from all walks of life in meaningful positions in the society, with a clix of professionals, academia and even with leaders that are world acclaimed has not paid attention to the incursion of this enemy.
Denominations with plenty counting machines after every service but still spend days before the account is done of a single service, with all these buoyancy, they could not locate the position of the enemy. Religious platforms recognised by the churches, government, are still looking the other side while the enemy is gathering momentum, recruiting within and
without the church rank and files for a final showdown. The worst is that the captains of the Army of the enemies sit in positions of authorities, from the Bible land, spread its tentacles to all the nations of the world. They
carry so many names and titles such as Popes, Cardinals, Arch Bishops, Prelate and most of recent “coining” spiritual father of faith and fathers and mothers of faith.The name of enemy is heretical presentation of the bible doctrines and presentation of philosophical thoughts against the undiluted biblical facts.


Infact the enemy had secretly placed a dynamite at the evangelical
foundation which supports the whole superstructure of Christian truth. For
example, most Christian scholars and pastors have denial in print and preaching that “Jesus rose from the tomb in a literal, physical body”, they contend.
Some orthodox professors, pastors who denies what the Apostle‟s Creed
affirms, “I believe in the resurrection of the body (flesh)” are today among
the evangelicals. Some others, for the sake of popularity, or wanting to draw followership from the unsuspected group that are doctrinally empty, and unwilling to summit to the true practice of Christian faith, present the
biblical facts, either half-baked or in a simplified form. Dotting and garnishing with cheap philosophical, logical and ungodly scientific, man￾made interpretation of the God‟s words. Trying to cause and deny the bible, the infallible document given by the inspiration of God, some trying to
remove God of all ages from the book, changing that the bible is old
enough to be updated. Basic doctrines and teaching are now being challenge, tithing, baptism, communion, fasting, resurrection body and a lot more are attacked by these new devilish group of “modernism”. These
developments signal a new and crucial battle inside the evangelical church, the battle for resurrection, tithing, baptism, etc. fighting for these doctrines are not new, and fighting for it inside evangelical circles is. Once it was only
liberals who deny the physical material, resurrection now some evangelical churches had joined them. Traditionally, the historicality of the resurrection was denied, now it is the materiality of the body that is denied.
The implications of this new doctrinal departure are far reaching. They threatened the very foundation of our evangelical faith. The bible declares that the resurrection is the very heart of the gospel (1 Cor 15:1-3) and is
even a condition for salvation (Rom. 10:9). Thus, to temper with this foundation of faith is to undermine the whole superstructure of Christian faith.
This conference material is an attempt to sound the trumpet of concern
about this current trend in evangelical doctrine. It reveals alarming information about the latest moves to redefine historic biblical truths to suit contemporary inclinations. It is an earnest plea to alert our pastors, church workers, members and even the entire Christendom to one of the most significant doctrinal deviations of our time, one that hits at the very essence
of Christian faith. The dynamite had been placed within the body of Christ.
The battle against the sound doctrinal foundation had only begun (II Tim.
2:1-11). My earnest prayers to the body of Christ is that God rain on us
believers His inspiration, understanding to lead the church out of this
monster of unbelieving caused by the lust for wealth.

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